Some of new students of ISNM are a bunch of complaining creeps. There, I said it. Hate me for that but I am just saying the truth. This amazing school feels like hell because of you. There, I said it again.

Complaining is good for your soul. Nah, forget that I said that, complaining is painful for your soul, not to mention make you look like an unsatifisfied moron who always see the world using one eye half closed. OK, this could be just my not-so-scientific opinion but I am kinda tired of seeing people complaining about everything. And what make me want to laugh about it is most of them thinking that complaining is kind of ‘revolutionary’, blah, give me a break.

Here is a simple tips for those who like to complain about something that somehow you can fix it yourself. Instead of complaining why don’t you change your complaining energy into energy to solve the problem instead? Is that so hard to do? I guess it is, eh? I saw what you’ve been doing, it is easy for you to complain and do nothing instead of working hard on something and stop complaining.

Man, I am sick of those kind of people. They really love to throw problem into the table and then move to another table just to throw another problem. Fix the damn thing first, damn it! Yeah, yeah, yeah I know, you think you are so revolutionary and so brave to shout about your own opinion. But in my eyes your opinion is just a bunch of useless craps! Why? Because your opinion is coming straight to your neck thru your mouth without passing something that you may have or not… Brain.

Complain, complain and complain. That is all that you can do, isn’t it? You are hiding your inability to cope with the situation with your complaining, right? It make you stand in the crowd, right? It make you looks so brave and so excellenty good, right? Ah, I know.

Prove that I am wrong. I dare you. I know you can’t.