This is a recap post, been busy in real life™ for a while.

A full day in Hamburg yesterday. My passport was about to expired so I have to extend it. The process was rather painless except the waiting which took about more than 2 hours. Bureaucracy. But at least it was way much better than doing it back in Indonesia. At least here in Germany the process was straight away to the business, the exact fee is posted on the wall and no bribe necessary as normally done in Indonesia. So two thumbs up for the Indonesian consulate in Hamburg, even tho it tooks two hours just to get the passport signed because the consulate was dissapear without nobody know where the hell he was going. And the reason for his dissapearance? “Because he is new…” Yeah, right. Was he get lost or else?

Other than that, everything went smoothly. Had lunch in Hamburg and leave Hamburg in the afternoon. Got a new passport in my pocket, expired 2010… Great.