Remember those names? Travel back to 1978. They are names in a ripoff of the 1977 amazing original Star Wars, minus the lightsaber, TV series.

Warp through time. Now.

It is one of the best science fiction on television. Yes, I am talking about the new TV series of Battlestar Galactica.


It is a dark and gloomy universe (Your home planet and other human-colonized planets are destroyed, what do you expect?). The storyline involves politic, love, trickery and of course action. The way the story unfolded and intertwined is beautifully crafted and enjoyable to watch. It is more realistic than the 1978 version (as realistic as a science fiction goes) for example, names like “Starbuck”, “Apollo” and “Boomer” are become the pilots’ callsign instead of real names. The producer even has a blog.

The opening 2 parts mini-series DVD is already available at Amazon. Watch out for this series, this one is way much better that the ill-fated and doomed Enterprise. This one is frakin’ good.