It’s been more than a week since the disaster, the relief are still pouring in to the needed country. Coming from the most devastated country, Indonesia, I was troubled with the amount of death toll and destruction. The current estimation of the death toll is about 400.000 since there are many places that had not been explored yet.

It was an unbelieveable catastrophy and most people still can not comprehend with the number of death and destruction. As I already wrote before this catastrophy closed the year with a loud reminder about life and nature. How fragile we are.

But it also give a new year an amazing solidarity among all countries in the world. This is how the world supposed to work, people. Humanity is rising into the highest degree right now. This is the most beautiful moment to start a new year, this is what human are capable of. Yes, we are not doomed yet with individuality and ignorance, we are still have that little piece of heart inside everyone of us. We are the people that still have the intention of caring to other stranger.

It was ironic that humanity almost always surfaced through disaster. It was like a big slap in human race’s face, to remind us about other people. Millions of people lost their loved one, their home and everything and yet millions of other give their best efforts to relief those who are in need.

For us that are safe, it is time for us to contemplate about our own life. Disaster is not to be blamed, it is part of the giant scenario of the universe. It acted as a warning sign to us, the one that still can breath freely and still hold on into what we have. It recalled our awareness about humanity which we almost forget for the last couple of years.

Humanity still around, people. We are still have compassion in our heart. Be thankful for that and don’t forget it. Please make this new year into a beautiful year where we reminded about how beautiful the world will be if we just walk hand in hand without any prejudice.

That is all I wish for 2005. Let this year become our milestone that humanity still survived and we could make the world a better place.

Wish you all the best of luck. Peace and love.