Sorry for the lack of updates and thanks for those who were looking for me considering the catastrophy, my family and friends are fine, as far as I know but I might know some people that lost their friends and families and I offered my condolences and sorry for not helping much. It was such a gigantic proportion tragedy and my mind is still trying to comprehend it. If you want to help those people who are in need, I believe there are many organizations that will accept your help and donation. As a reminder tho, I will not recommend any government (especially Indonesian government) agency, not that I am skeptical but consider this as a precaution since most of you already know that the corruption rate in the government is quite high.

I was in Toronto for a week, thanks to Bebeth for the shelter, and I just want to get away from Internet for a while, contemplating life as the new year comes.

2005 was coming with a loud reminder about life. That’s all I want to say right now.