Following news about the tsunami disaster after effect is a terrible experience. Reading the death toll rising up each day, looking at the horrible photos and watching how difficult is to get the aid to the most needed people.

As if that were not enough, there are some disturbing writing, most of them are in Indonesian language, circulating around the web, e-mail and mailing list. Why I called them ‘disturbance’? Because they are more like noises than signals.

For example, there is a writing that said about some people already experienced dreams the night before the catastrophy happened. Er… So what? Does it really matter now?

There also some writing about how celebrities, any kind including politician, try to gain popularity by visiting the disaster area. So what? Stop thinking bad for Heaven’s sake. Does it really matter what their motivation are? It’s time to go hand in hand and help those people who are in needs instead of argumentating about ‘motivation’. Damn, even if those people using this disaster as a ‘popularity contest’ just let them be! Concentrate on the most important things, helping those people in need! Are we forget what this ‘disaster relief’ is all about?

Heck, now I am getting emotional. Being half the world away from my own country wasn’t help me at all. But at least I could see things more clearly from out here and I feel sick with all of those blatantly accusation, distortion, suspicion and other negative labels being thrown around between each other. STOP that crap! Enough with that! Start working! Start do something!

Those people who spent so much time in writing those disturbing article should invest more of their time in doing real thing. OK, I am not being fair here, but at least I am not writing any stupid article full of accusation and suspicion.

The funny thing that this phenomenon is typically Indonesian. I asked my Indian, Sri Langkan and Thai friends and strangely enough there are no such thing as this phenomenon in their countries. Ah, Indonesia…

To those who spent too many time wrote that kind of disturbing writing, this is what I said for you: as I said before, 2004 ended with a loud reminder about life but 2005 started with a beautiful thing about compassion and humanity. Don’t ruin that. Stop wasting time on wondering what the motivation, stop accusating others, stop thrown away any suspicion to people that give their hand to help, please I beg you, waste your time on doing real help. Those people who suffered don’t need your so-called-analysis. Those people need real help, even from those people that you’ve been accused for popularity or from the country that you suspect have a hidden agenda. What they need is something real while what you offered is nothing less that a grain of salt into the ocean of doubt.