I’ve been in Montréal today. Again. This time only for a day, left early, very early,around 5:30 to catch 7:00 bus, and went back late afternoon, using 16:00 bus. Not much to do, went to CCA again to meet my thesis advisor for an hour or so then strolled down the city, walking and riding the famous underground Metro. The weather was cloudy, temperature was below zero, some flirting snow were falling down but not much.

I’ve been in Montreal for three times now. First time was when I arrived in Canada. So basically I was just passing by at that time, still have some excellent Chinesse food in Chinessetown tho. Second time was last week. There was a similarity between my second visit and my third visit, I’d lost something. On my second visit I was forgetting my scrapbook at the place where I had my lunch. I forgot it totally and came back in the afternoon but it already gone, of course. This time I lost my gloves. I took it off while going to the bathroom (It will be funny to keep wearing gloves while taking a leak , don’t you think?) and forgot it when I walked out. 2 minutes later I went back to the toilet and it was gone. Hmm, odd… The “offering” for Montréal? Who knows.

But don’t get me wrong here, I am still love Montréal. It’s an amazing city. It has “the” atmosphere that I could not describe. Some elements that build this city and give the aura of an eclectic urbanistic unique city that I like. That is Montréal for me.