I am back in Ottawa now. Montréal is an amazing city. I love the atmosphere, it is big enough for me but not too small like Lübeck. It has a some kind of European atmosphere in it. Maybe because of the French signage everywhere. It also has a good subway, called Metro just like in Paris. Interesting thing is most of the people on the sidewalk speaking English while Francophone are there but not as many as I think they are… or maybe I just walked on the wrong street.

The weather was sadly bad. Drizzling rain all day with grey and misty sky, kinda remind me of Germany. So yeah, I can’t take any good picture outdoor, too bad – there are two decent photos on my photolog, I am not quite happy with them but I blamed it on the weather grin. Being only there for one day and a night, thanks to denise‘s brother, John, who gave me a shelter for a night. Thanks a lot!, and spending most of my day at Canadian Centre for Architecture for the Devices of Design event didn’t give me a chance to stroll down the city as I used to do everywhere I go. But I’ll be back there this Saturday, only for a day, hopefully the weather will be fine so I can travel around.

The event itself was great! The presenters are amazing, they have many things to said about the use of digital technologies in architectural field. FYI, my Master thesis will be mostly about this issue so yeah, I was having a great input there. At least right now I know what is the current issue in architecture considering the use and expansion of digital technologies. The digital technologies are here to stay, no one can run away from them. I remember when I was in the university getting my bachelor degree some teacher against using computer as a tool for designing. I don’t know what they are thinking or doing right now but it seems like the digital revolution is winning the floor even though many architects were against it back then. The use of digital technologies nowadays is not just about replacement of paper and pencil is more about expanding the possibility of exploring form and experiencing space. I put this revolution into the same impact when perspective were introduced. The perspective was there to stay and so is digital technologies in architecture.

So yeah, a night and day in Montréal was really a great experience, physically and philosophically. I love Montréal and definitely will be back for more.