Media Is Life

It’s been a while, isn’t it? It is not because real life™ is taking over but there are many exciting things happened around the online environment too.


Twitter, Plurk, Pownce, Jaiku and even Facebook‘s status are becoming my main vent of online presence. Writing in those so-called microblog platform is so convenient and easy, so writing a long article in this blog seems like a very challenging task.

Not to mention nowadays I rarely had time to think and analyze things thoughtfully. Instead of writing a half-thought entry, I rather wrote a simple and direct thought about… well, everything in those platform.

Of course keeping all of those microblogs is a challenge itself. Using really helped me with updating my entries but not really helping in keeping my conversation with others. Basically, I paid more attention to Plurk’s conversation than any other services. So if you want to catch me, check my Plurk.


Practically, I am swamped. It is not easy to become one man show army supporting the entire office. Not to mention the regional requests and inquiries as a consequences working within a multinational company.

Especially during these late of year months where all the pitches for next year strategies on media are happening. My work lately had been rotating between one pitch to another and another. Working on Saturday and Sunday is becoming a routine. And that’s not entirely agreeable. At least with me.


What life? Really, for the last couple of months, my life had been reduced into work and rest. Thankfully I still have teaching activity which I put as a ‘break and charge’ activity. I am not complaining because despite all of this and that, my life is quite satisfactory.

Of course I missed a lot of things. I rarely watched cinema, barely played games on my PSP, painfully missed hangout with friends and any others non working activity. But I guess that was the risk I had to take when I accepted this job and I had to do it until I am tired of this and ready to move on.

For now, I let myself become a corporate drone.


There are many things to share, many thoughts to write and many experiences to tell. Maybe later. I am not giving any promise.

Until then, I am still be around and post my small and simple thought on those microblogging platform.