Another week of ‘nothing happening except it just keep getting worse’. That was one hell of a week, a week where nothing went right and end up with I got hit by a bike (Fortunately, I am okay or was it unfortunately? I have no freaking idea.), my ATM card swallowed by the ATM, a couple of rejection letter (I am getting good at being rejected, great) and still wondering what the hell am I doing now.

Never been so low before, heck, I never even been this pesimistic. But shit did happened, quite a lot, and I don’t know how long can I take it anymore. This is not what I called living, this is what I called ‘damaging mental state’.

Is there any way out of this blackhole? Or am I just wish the impossible? Sure, you can say that there always be a way but have you ever been in my kind of state before? If yes, then I congratulate you for being stronger than me. Really, I congratulate you from the bottom of my heart.

Yeah, it seems only yesterday that I believe that the world is such a beautiful place and now it seems like another round of “Me vs. The whole world”.

How long I could hold on… I wonder.