Well, I know that I already bored you with my pathetic rants and raves but excuse me, it’s just my condition right now is not as good as it was. Heck, I don’t even think that I ever been this low.

Consider that, I was thinking, how could things get worse? Well, it could tho but what the hell, I will get it thru somehow. I remember when I was “trained” back in college (For those who know the word “OS” or “OSPEK”, you know what I mean), I always joked around and said; “Well, this is tough and painful to certain degree, but guess what? Everything always have an end, either the ‘trained’ or ourselves”. So yeah, I survived back then and who want to say that I couldn’t survive now? I have nothing to loose, in fact I have nothing right now, so bring it on.

Still no good news about job application, seems like most of my application sent to blackhole@norespond.com. Not even an interview chance. I don’t know where this confidence come but I believe that given an interview, I certainly will score the job. And no, there is no light at the end of the tunnel, I am still wondering, am I inside a tunnel or a blackhole. But that’s OK, I am fine. Life is all but with me right now, it is dissapointing as I always believe that life is always with me thru all the way but maybe life is just tired of me riding along quite cheerily.

Anyway, no negative posting from now on. I had enough of them, the more gloomier I posted, the more gloomier my feeling became and I don’t need more gloom and sarcastic tone while I am feeling awful.

So bring it on, stress test already began a couple of weeks ago, just see how far it goes before I finally snap. Bring it on.