This is what I called a great project. is a new website that provide free storage and free bandwidth. Forever. From ourmedia website:

We provide free storage and free bandwidth for your videos, audio files, photos, text or software. Forever. No catches.

Amazing isn’t it? Supported by Drupal,Bryght and Internet Archive, this is one great project to creative people that need huge storage, high bandwidth and of course, exposure – lots of it.

This might sound like a very ambitious project for some. And for those pessimists out there… I just want to say one thing: cut it out, there are many decent people with good intention to human society. Leave us, the optimist, alone and let us build our optimistic world.

For me, personally, I always want to create a podcast about technology (especially Mac and gadget) in Indonesian language but always backing down because of storage and bandwidth limitation that I had (I already used 85% of my space in my server). Now with ourmedia I think those problem could be eliminated for good.

Anyway, one of my song was on the front page today. And of course you could see my profile at Enjoy.