I just notice (Thank you, echa, for notifying this) that my commenting system was broken. Kaput. Blew up.

It supposed to block spammer but instead of blocking just the spammer, the setting blocked everybody, including legitimate comment. Well, this preventive measure should not be here if I wasn’t received too many comment spammer. So yes, blame it on the spammer and of course, my lousy programming skill if you must blame me ;).

I’ve made some modification (again) and hopefully this time it will worked like it should work. So if you can’t write any comment, send me email and let me know when it happened so I could trace it back on my log system.

Sorry for the inconvenience, folks. But really, this comment spam things was really getting out of hand. If this thing is getting worse and worse, I probably have to shutdown the comment system for good… I don’t want that to happen so please, let me know if my current security measure is not working so I could tweak it up a little bit.