I’ve got 3 months extension for my Master thesis like most all of my classmates. So it looks like I will be around Germany until the middle of this year. It seems like 18 months program is kinda a longshot for most of us. In fact, I don’t know anybody in my class that will finished at the end of March. My school even postponed our graduation party to the beginning of July.

Not that it such a big problem except I am really worried now about my financial situation. Of course, I am enlisted as teaching assistant at my school but the fund is kinda tight. I am hoping to get more project which paid more but on the other hand I am still have to write my thesis. Catch-22. Bummer.

My visa will also expired next month and I need to have an extension and I hope the extension process will not be so painful and complicated since I already have enough stuff to worried about (Already late paying my rent because I just don’t have any liquid fund right now). So, really, I don’t need more problem right now.

OK, I have research report to write, thesis to write, jobs to do, visa to extend and rent to pay. Phew. Quite a long list.