If you did blogwalking in the “Indonesian Blogosphere” on Valentine’s Day you probably found a very unique love greetings to the Indonesian Master of Illusion, Roy Suryo. Er… I am not talking about a magician here, I was talking about this guy.

Almost, I said almost – I will not get into statistic as Mr. Suryo usually did because I am not as “expert” as he is, all Indonesian blogger were putting this “love message” to Mr. Suryo.

Background story

Why they were doing this? It is because Mr. Suryo literally “spamming” some newspaper “Reader Mail” column with his letter saying that “blog is just a temporary trend and only functions as an exhaust for personal catharsis.”.

Aha. It looks like you were tripping some land mines, Mr. Suryo. Read more (in English) at Eko’s website the whole background story.

It was a fun moment, I have to admit it. It was so hilarious and I want to see Mr. Suryo reaction. Really, I do. Another dismissal? An apologize? A more not-so-bright comment? or… Who knows? Mr. Suryo is Master of Illusions.

Want to have a list of those weblogs? Go to Roy Suryo Watch’s entry website and find their links in the comment/trackback area. I am just too lazy to list them all here. They are just too many!

Good show, people. I truly enjoyed it 😉