I know it is not spring yet here in Germany, still -5°C or so outside, but I am put a high hope for the incoming spring. So, here it is, “life’s like this – avianto’s journal” Spring 2005 Edition, code named Grass 1.0.

What’s new?

Except the graphic itself (pull it out quickly in an hour or so), there are nothing originally new but I add the new section called Linkages, which was previously known as “Recently Reading” column on the sidebar.

I thought you are busy?

I am. This update was not even in my time schedule. I was taking a break for a couple of hours and played around with some images tricks with Photoshop and boom, I created this. The rest were easy. Read them below under Implementation heading.

What’s next?

Some stuffs need to be done here absolutely:

  • Re-writing my colophon page. It is getting a little bit out of date now.

  • Cleaning up the archives. Especially those old entries from my Blogger‘s days. The title are messed up (Blogger didn’t have entry’s title option at that times) and the category are practically “uncategorized”.

  • Re-done my photolog. It’s been long overdue.

  • Re-done my front page.

Whoa! That’s a lot!

I know. I just put it here as my reminder list considering this website. After all, I still have a thesis to finish, right?

That’s all for now. Hope you all like the new layout. Time for me to get busy again.

Note: Web geekery stuff below, read this only if you are interested in web development stuffs.


The rest were easy because this website is already structured well using XHTML. All I did was created a new stylesheet to change the overall looks (Try to do that with <table> based layout website, I dare you – Want a challenge?#[1]).

So no major code change in the HTML files?

No major change but I did a couple of minor changes just to ensure the structure of the code itself. Those minor changes were, not all, added some classes for a couple of header tag, fixed some structural mismatch tag placement and implemented Simple Clearing of Floats trick.

Neat, what else?

Well, I am still re-thinking about my understanding about accessibility and well-structured website for quite sometimes now.

[1]: The challenge is simple, try to create a well structured website using <table> based layout that could not be reproduced by a tableless based layout. Remember the sentence: “Well structured website”, er… the real question is could you built a well structured website using <table> based layout? Let me know.