Nowadays I used lots of public online tools to organize my things. The good thing about those online tools is I could accessed them from anywhere and with any computer I could used at that moment. On the other hand it is also some sort of “public”, which for some people is a big, or giant or even humongous, issue especially those with “privacy issue” on their mind. Well, fortunately (or unfortunately? It depends on how we perceive the issue), I am not one of them so using public online tools for me is a very helpful thing.

The other nice thing about those public online tools is the ability to share them with everybody. Some are set the sharing ability by default while others give you the option to share only your own chosen things or not to share at all. So now I would like to share some of them with you, hope you will find this list useful:


I used Bloglines to read my huge amount of RSS subscription (Last checked was about 190 feeds). I used to use Kinja but since Kinja doesn’t have organized folder to categorize my subscription I ended up using Bloglines more often now. So here is my public Bloglines’ feeds, it is a huge collection. is a social bookmarks manager. Uhm… whatever. Basically is a shared bookmarks utility, which when users bookmarked a certain website, that bookmark link went into the pool of other users’ bookmarks. The more “popular” the link, the highest it ranked in the popular list. Everybody could owned their own collection of bookmark according to their own preferences. The other nice thing about is the “tag”, which is basically “category in steroid”. Enough about, you have to try it yourself to appreciate its power. Here is my page


Flickr is an online photo management and sharing tool. It is a very powerful tool to organize and sharing your photos. It has the ability to upload your photos via email too. You can also have your own communities and contacts. Flickr also used the famous “tag” system to categorize the photos. Give it a try or you could look into my flickr page

43 Things and Ta-Da List

43 Things and Ta-Da List are quite similar. IMHO, 43 Things is more on the “fun” side while Ta-Da List is more on the “serious” side. Both allowed the users to share their to-do list but 43 Things allowed users to pick other users’ items and add that items into their own lists. Sounds complicated? Well, just go to their website and try them yourself. Anyway this is my 43 Things list, I don’t share my Ta-Da List tho, sorry.

So, those are online tools I regularly used. There are many of online tools on the web, I couldn’t possible know them all, so let me know if you found one that you think will interest me.