Search Engine Optimatisation or SEO is one of the biggest buzz word nowaday. That’s one of many reason why comment spams becoming huge too.

The definition of SEO itself are quite vary from website to website but I quote the most relevant one here:

A form of online marketing, search engine optimization (or search engine marketing) is the process of making a site and its content highly relevant for both search engines and searchers. Successful search marketing helps a site gain top positioning for relevant words and phrases. (source)

Sounds reasonable. Ah, you are hear the “but…” word coming, right?

One of the most common trick known is to manipulated the famous META tags and poluted it with some words that considered related to the particular website. This is the oldest trick ever.

Another trick is the reason why weblog’s comment spams become huge nowadays. It is the link, stupid! We will have to see the result of the “nofollow” strategy implemented by Google but I guess this tricks will getting old soon.

What a bunch of craps.

Really, I am with Tom Coates’s side on this issue. I am against those kind of SEO’s practices.

That’s also why most of SEO-expert hate weblogs so much, because by default (thanks to the default template of the most popular weblog engine like Blogger, MovableType and WordPress) weblog is practically:

  • semantically structured and thus ranking higher on almost every search engine (Especially with Google).

  • Use <title> tags properly.

  • Has Permalink by default.

  • Has CONTENT. The content could be crap but at least it is THE content. Something that most commercial-oriented website seems to forget.

Those four basic things are more important than most SEO mumbo-jumbo tricks like manipulating META tags. That is the blatantly truth. That’s why weblog get the higher ranking on the search engine and that is why most of the so-called-SEO-experts hated weblog so much. Weblogs destroyed their tricky practices. Boohoo.

If you really really want to have the SEO strategies running for your website: Don’t employ the so-called-SEO-experts, most of them will just give you bullshit, your website probably will rank up for a couple of months and then vanished into search engine oblivion. In fact do what Coates’ said:

employ people who build good sites from the start, with clear and addressable pages, clean code, good copy, decent UI and navigation etc.

Or you could use the real SEO’s strategies described in the following websites/articles:

Now, start creating your great website!!!