I really want to write about this issue for quite sometime but seems like this is a very sensitive issue for some people, especially those who done this kind of practice (Which somehow I just don’t get it why they take this as a sensitive issue). Let me assure you that this is purely my humble opinion about this particular issue. If you are feel insulted or any other of that feeling then I am practically sorry that you are feel like that but my opinion still stand, no matter what.

Shall we begin then? Let me start with a story.

There was a man living in a nice house with nice access to the main road. The house itsef is kinda nice, it’s quite huge (in fact, it looks like the house itself could expand as much as the man want) and the access to the main road is almost exclusively good – which for some people could cost a lot of money. It is a really nice house and it is free to use for the man. He doesn’t have to pay the rent, pay the maintenance (for the road and the house itself) and other payment.

The only catch is on the top of the front door, there is a sign that said were put by the provider of the house. Just a simple sign with a small logo of the provider with some unobstrusive information. Fair enough. The man is provided with a shelter and an access to the road while the provider put their small token on top of the front door.

But for unknown reason the man feel bothered with the sign. He desperately wanted to remove it. He tried couple of tricks to remove the sign. For unknown reason.


So here is the summary, there was a man who were given a place to live and a very good access for free but in return he had to put a small sign on top of his front door. But for unknown reason he was still unsatisfied with that condition and want to get rid of that sign. For me, that isn’t make any sense or is it?

Now the real issue. Replace the ‘place to live’ to web space, the ‘very good access’ to bandwidth, the ‘sign’ to banner. And make that more specific I emphasise on three words: Blogger, Blogspot and Blogger NavBar. I hope you ‘ll get my point.

Blogger NavBar isn’t even a banner. According to Blogger:

The Blogger NavBar is a navigation bar and toolbar with a form that allows people to search just your weblog using Google’s SiteSearch and gives you the ability to check out what’s happening on other recently published blogs with one click. This bar replaces the advertisements that used to be displayed at the top of some blogs.

So would somebody be so kind to enlight me about this simple question:

What is the reason to remove Blogger NavBar if you are having your weblog hosted at Blogspot?

Please, enlight me because right now I am so curious about it.

Note: This entry was inspired by the ongoing debate in id-gmail mailing list. Read the thread (In Indonesian). It is kinda amusing read if you ask me, because this particular character was not even answering the question but covered a wide array of issue including software piracy, type of sentences, the inability to understand the meaning and so on. And this particular character also heavily using the fallacies strategy again and again! Amazing.