Guess what, I’ve made a theme for WordPress 1.5. Huh? WordPress? Yeah, shoot me.

I called it Bricks and it can be downloaded here. So to any WordPress users out there, have fun with the theme.

Again, why did I made a theme for WP? Everybody know that I am quite fond of MovableType and still using it until now. Well, this theme is one of the alternative design created for ISNMblog and the ISNMblog is using WP. So, instead of throwing this alternative design into oblivion, why don’t I just make it available to everybody? Consider this as a good karma, right?

So yes, I am still using MT and don’t think of change it for now. To be honest I found WP’s coding style is quite scary, I like MT’s coding style better, but it is just me tho.

Anyway, if you are using WP, I hope you like the theme. Enjoy.