Another out of the blue question about your life. “What were you in High School?”. A jock, a nerd, a brain, a bully, a ghost, a teacher’s pet or?

I was a jack of all trades =). I was a vice president for the high school comitee, an active member of photography club, not bad in classes (except for the 2nd year, but who’s getting good marks in the 2nd year and still enjoy high school? grin), excellent with math (I wonder where the hell is that skill goes), always going out partying or involved in car drag racing every weekend, non-smoker, had a great and beautiful girlfriend, had lots of great friends (some of them are still my best friend until now), a guitar player, not much of a sport type but an avid skateboarder, a computer geek (Internet was not around at that time), a computer games addict, an avid sci-fi and fantasy novel reader (still is until now) and a fun person to hang out.

Not quite popular tho, I’ve got my own circle and it was enough for me. I wasn’t looking for popularity, I was quite satisfied with my happy high school life. It was fun, enjoyable and memorable.

So what were you in high school?