Beautiful and wonderful movie. As a long time fan of Peter Pan and a believer of its “Never grow up” philosophy, I found this movie is quite inspiring. It’s amazingly crafted and bring tears to the eyes. Johnny Depp is amazing in this movie, he portrayed JM Barrie, the creator of Peter Pan, flawlessly and really get into the character.

The story itself is about how JM Barrie got inspired by the Llewelyn Davies family especially one of the boys, Peter Llewelyn Davies, and created Peter Pan’s story. It told the story by flawlessly blend the reality and the fantasy by smoothly interchange the scene of the 1903 London setting and the fantasy, or Neverland to be precise, setting. It crossed the boundary between reality and fantasy back and forth as it told us that the world of fantasy is not just a little child’s world.

The loveliest movie of the year. Highly recommended. It will bring tears and joy to your heart.