Some small changes and fixes on this new “WashOut” layout.

  1. You must put your name and e-mail address to comment. Your e-mail address will not be shown and only served as an authentification process. I will not reveal that e-mail to anybody. You can fake it tho, there is no way I could tell the difference but that is your choice and I believe we can trust each other on this issue.

  2. Add a small but unique feature: Gravatar. This service will allowed you to have your own personal avatar icon on every comments you have written not only on this website but also on every website that have Gravatar feature. You will need to register your e-mail, see the connection with point no.1?, and upload your own avatar, a 80×80 pixel square image. If you don’t have Gravatar then you will use the boring default avatar as your avatar icon.

  3. There are only 5 newest entries on the main page of the Journal. Previously they were 10 newest entries but right now I tried to shorten the main page a little bit. Hope this update will fasten up the main page even if it just a little bit.

  4. Add some ‘detailed work’ on the Comments section, including moving the “Live Comment Preview” just above the “Post” button.

  5. Other small fixes and changes that are unworthy to mention here.

Enjoy WashOut 2.1 update!