Blade Trinity

This movie was a rollercoaster. I didn’t put too much hope in the beginning, the original Blade and Blade II are categorized as an OK entertainment flicks, but I was actually enjoyed and entertained until half of the movie and then when I began to feel that a movie was quite promising and started to get excited then things began to move to the awkward direction.

This movie started with a bang. Special effects were top notch – especially the burning vampire which is the trademark of all Blade movies, the storyline was promising in the beginning and as a long time observer of vampiric literatures and movies I actually enjoyed the notion of “The first vampire” or “The origin of vampire” – remind you that I am a long time fan of Anne Rice’s “The Vampire Chronicles” which also deal with some kind of this theme.

Around half of the movie things started to fizzle, plotholes started to get annoying and it was all downhill from there. The action scene was still good tho, like the way the camera moved but other than that not much to be enjoyed.

But there was something that caught my attention with this movie, as a devoted Mac aficionado the abundance of Mac things through out this movie was unbelievable! Cinema Display was ubiquitous, Powerbook was Abigail’s choice of notebook and the most coolest thing was Abigail, the girl with the bow in the movie poster if you don’t know who she is – Jessica Biel is the actress, always wore and turned on her iPod before starting the mission or a fight. That’s so cool! Btw, she had a 3rd generation iPod. The word “Playlist” was also one of the catchy word in this movie. I wonder, did Apple sponsored this movie? I think so…

Anyway, a decent movie on its own, lots of good action, futuristic weapon and lots of Mac’s product. Go watch it if you don’t mind the ending. Looks like this movie is the last of Blade series and I will not be surprised if there will be a “Nightstalkers” movie, the group that help Blade in this movie, as a spin-off of the Blade series.