The Motorcycle Diaries

A movie about a motorcycle trip through Latin-America that Ernesto ‘Che’ Guevara made in his youth.

Although Che Guevara is famously known as a revolutionary and political icon, this movie is not about revolution or political (some political issues are there but they are not the main issue) aspect of his life. Based on a book”) with the same title, it is a story about two young men (Che and his friend, Alberto Granado having an adventure of a life time cruising through South America using a Norton motorcycle (not until the end of the journey but I don’t want to spoil the movie). They were meeting people, experiencing social injustice in the society, facing discrimintation at the leprosy colony and struggling with that damn motorcycle.

This is a great movie. But if you hope to see any revolutionary message on it, you will be dissapointed. The movie is about the adventure, how those two young rascal interacted with people, situation and life itself. Some of the scenes are amazingly captured the beauty of South America (Maybe I will do the same kind of travelling someday but with a really reliable motorcycle tho…). The acting is amazing and so are the castings.

Highly recommended movie. It’s enjoyable, entertaining and beautiful.

Sidenote: Since this movie is an independent movie, it maybe hard to get a screen time on the normal theatre. Thanks to Lana who told me about ByTowne Cinema, the place where these kind of movies usually played. So if you are in Ottawa, a visit to ByTowne (if it have a great movie played tho) is also highly recommended.