As if their spamming action are not bad enough they are now turning themselves into Wikipedia‘s vandalizers.

As mentioned in Priyadi, Ananda and Jay entries on their weblog those spammer change the lengthy and comprehensive Wikipedia’s article about spamming into one line stupid writing (in Indonesian language too even though the original article is in English and in English Wikipedia, can’t imagine how idiot they could get):

wakkk istilah spamming sih sebenarnya masih kacau, blom ada tuh, tapi menurut saya spamming sih ok ok aja demi kemajuan ekonomi ada yang harus dikorbankan, iya kan?

free translation: the word spamming is really not clear, even not existing, but in my opinion spamming is ok, because for the growth of the economy there are something that must be sacrified, right?

Direct link to that stupid writing. It was written on 12 October 2004, 10:56 by IP address

Suspiciously enough this vandalism act was coming after the major complains on some popular weblog about Indonesian spammer. This spamming article in Wikipedia is always linked in those kind of complain as a reliable and comprehensive argument on how spamming is wrong and always wrong.

Those spam defender are really the lowest level of breathing entity ever roamed the net. First they are spamming our mailbox, then those major weblog’s comments then they are vandalizing Wikipedia. How low can they go? Very very low indeed. They don’t have ethics, they don’t even have enough effort to write that stupid writing in English and of course I am sure that they don’t have enough bravery to take responsibility (Just like terrorism act in Indonesia, maybe we should leverage spamming and Wikipedia’s vandalizing into terrorist act).

I am furious, really really furious with this kind of action and for those spammer and vandalizer, please do grow up!!