I will be leaving Germany tomorrow morning.

I will be doing my research for my Master thesis at Carleton University, Ottawa, Ontario, Canada. Yup, I will cross the Atlantic Ocean this year. I will be staying in Ottawa until January 2005 and will return to Lübeck, Germany to finish my Master thesis.

Another chapter of my life, another experience and another journey. Beside doing my research I may look for the opportunity to continue my education after I get my Master degree. Yes, I am interested on getting my Ph.D. Me? Ph.D.? Well, some of you who knew my Bachelor’s years will raise the eyebrows… Person change, folks, and I finally decided that I have to continue the pursuit of higher knowledge and education.

So here I am, in Hannover, feeling anxious about leaving Germany and coming to Canada. Amazing how fast the time is moving, last year I was still wondering about my life in Jakarta and today I am in Germany and tomorrow in Canada.

Thank you for you all who always wish me luck, that means a lot to me. Again, wish me the best! I will post all of my experiences and of course, photos while I am there!

Write to you all later!