First of all, thank you to all of you who wish me luck, I finally got my visa! It’s a working visa, since the regulation said that as a visiting researcher I am basically is an employee of the research department who hosted me, and it valid until the end of January 2005.

So, yes, I will leave Germany sometime next week to … Ah, I believe some of you already know where I will be going ;). But I need to get my plane ticket first. Tomorrow I will buy the ticket, it will be damn expensive since it is such a short notice =(.

I am in Hannover right now since I planned to leave directly from Hannover. It was a sad moment to leave Lübeck even though it just temporary because I must come back after I finished my research to write my Master thesis and finished it on March 2005. Time flies, eh?

So again, thank you for all of your best wish! Keep wish me luck, friends, I am still a lot of it.

Will keep on posting the progress…