Huh? What’s that? Yeah, it is kinda strange word, isn’t it? It’s one of my class here at my school. Yeah? So? What’s that?

Well… It is a huge topic to be discussed but you can read this article to get a basic understanding about it.

It is a really interesting topic and it really open our mind to some new (well, it’s not so new, what is new anyway?) ideas that could improve, enhance or even change the human behaviour. Is it good or bad? Hmm, it’s the technology and as we all almost agree that the technology is a dual edged sword…

I will post more about my finding in this particular topic as I progressing in my lecture especially in the area of “user interface of ubiquitous computing” because it will transform the way the user interface is designed nowadays since if it is ubiquitous, do we need an interface? Interesting eh? I’ll write more later.