I have a very interesting discussion about ‘talent’ in Godote’s Forum. I used to believe in ‘talent’ but nowadays the concept of ‘talent’ seems a little bit annoying and useless.

What if you have talent? Makes you better than other people? How to ‘measure’ your talent? Scalable from 1 to 10? And what happened if your talent scores lower than the other? Is that make you ‘less’ talented?

See the absurdity of the concept of talent? Why don’t we just do what we like or want to do and put a real hard work on that? I think that probably will worth more than just ‘talent’. Believing and relying too much on talent can be hazardous… It can result in over/under confident also. Lots of people broke their heart because people said that they are not talented enough and lots of people get a baloon head because people said that they are very talented. Cut the crap, give credits to their effort and not their talent.

But hey, I could be wrong, probably talent is the most important thing in the world… but for myself, I choose not to rely on it too much. It was never worth it.