Another report from CeBIT 2004. Well, I am just doing ‘freebies hunting’ yesterday. Just looking around try to find some cool freebies and grab some brochure about a couple of products I found quite interesting (digital cameras, usb stick, cell phone and others).

Personally I really like the new Sony Ericsson cell phone, S700. It’s a digital camera that have phone capabilities instead of the other way =). For digital camera I really like the new Nikon 3700, Konica Minolta Xg and other small compact camera. Other cute device like Swiss Army Knife USB Memory Stick also interest me very much. External Firewire harddrive is also get into my interest list… Well, I am a gadget freak so well, all of this thing really interest me very much =).

Indonesia also have a collective stand (one stand consist of many company) which are NAFED (National Agency for Export Development), Zahir Accounting Software, eBdesk and a couple of other companies. Finally, some Indonesian company have guts to show their force… Great, nice work people… You all make us proud!

Other than that? Well, let just say that CeBIT is a very interesting exhibition with lots of stuff to see and lots of freebies to grab =).