I am back in Lübeck since the last couple of days… been busy cleaning out my room, washing dirty clothes and stuff and refilling my fridge.

Many things to do before my second semester starts next week. Some of them are quite important some are just… well, bothering my mind…

OK, the list:

  • Make rapid progress on my paid work here at school.

  • Fix my Photoblog, I can not upload and/or rebuilt it. Always turn on the error 500 warning. I wonder why. I may also redesign the whole thing.

  • Working on Timmendorf project (I’ll write later about this).

  • Find a place for my ‘study abroad’ for the third semester. Anybody have suggestion?

  • Write a new and improved list like this… Next time.

And of course, here in Lübeck the winter was already striking back… We had snow rain a couple of days ago. I think spring is caught by a traffic jam somewhere. Hopefully it will arrive soon, I am tired wearing more than a double layer of clothing…