Just received an annoying news about the HP Hour Quiz. Read the previous entry

The TV Station which is TransTV decided that they will be airing our performance on … JULY 23rd, 2003!!! More than a month from now… not to mention that the prize will be given to us a MONTH after the broadcast. Talking about despotic behaviour.

Damn! So this what happened if you win all the prizes, eh? They will postpone it until we don’t care about it anymore. Well, so much on winning 2 HP Printers, iPAQ h1910 PDA and Nokia 3530 Cellphone, eh?(yeah, those two last things are low end products, but they still worth something.) Not to mention 500k rupiahs HP voucher and 10 million rupiahs cash. The total was around 30 million rupiahs.

So you know how one of the biggest TV Station behave. What reason they give us? They only said that it was their “PREROGATIVE” to do such an act… yeah, yeah, yeah… give me the prize now and you can broadcast our performance anytime you want even in another century, see if i care!


We earn it honestly, we split our brains for it and we wait for 5 damn hours before the performance and now we have to wait more than 2 months? That’s not prerogative, that’s despotism.

Awh. Crap. Like I don’t have something else to care about…