i’ve lost all my dream. i just realized that… life is become too common for me. like walking in the same street over and over again. like watching the same sunset at the same beach over and over again.

i always believe that ‘a dream worth having is a dream worth fighting for’… yeah i know it’s xavier’s saying in x-men’s comic but it’s true to some degree.

now, i don’t have that kind of dream. i only have needs which not quite fully categorized as dream… it just something that i had to have, not to fighting for. it feels like i am not quite myself but nothing had change in me… i’ve look inside and found i am still what i am and nothing really change.

but where are those dreams? maybe it just get buried under my sand of busy life or maybe it just dissapeared, vanished and get eaten by time itself.

searching for a dream. just a dream. maybe i should put some sign “looking for a dream, ready to buy it with my life”.