humble opinion on my new feature

i just read an entry at bukrie’s website about the “open link in new window” check button that i have as a new feature (look at the right side of this writing and on the very top of it) posted at 11/23/2000 04:06:50 AM

he said: (translated to english)

_“what for? let others do what they like….cut…. i think that internet is a “freedom area” and we can do whatever we want, so why creating an expression of begging for visitor to still open our site? if they like it they will do it anyway… (afterall they can right clik and choose “open link in new window”).”_

then he continue said: (again translated)

“oh, Yahoo! don’t use that feature and any other “big site”too and that doesn’t mean that they don’t know that feature is exist, i feel that they have the same kind of mine as i do”

well, bro… sorry for my humble opinion here for that feature but i kinda see it from a different perspective, i see it as a freedom too because it was defaulted set to not selected. i just put it there and let my visitor choose whatever action they will do and i don’t think it will prevent them to be a loyal citizen of “freedom area”. is that a way of begging? i don’t think so…

oh, i almost forgot this one… not all people as smart as we are (whoa… me? smart? he he he) to right click and choose “open link in new window”. i just remember one of the basic design principle that said: not all people achieve the same level of reasoning and knowledge as you are, so put that right on your mind.

and what about Yahoo! and the other site? well, if you choose Yahoo! as an example that you choose the wrong example, Yahoo! is a search engine, people use it to search, find and go…. well, i think i made myself clear here. and the other big site? hmmm, what big site that have a link outside itself except the search engine?

well, i don’t want to start a debate here. but i think me and bukrie had a different way to seeing a problem and of course i respect him for his own choice. but since he mention my feature in his website and give a reason not to use it, i think i have to answer it why i choose it, right? it just an healthy and educated discussion, afterall we, people of the universe, had a different mind so why we should have the same opinion?

okay, on to the schedule… and for bukrie, no hard feeling okay? it just came to my mind that i must provide an answer for my choice… =)