The Story So Far

It’s been a while. Life moved so fast, it wasn’t always easy to sit down and wrote more than occasional banter in 140 characters


End of 2010 marked the beginning of my 3rd year living in New York City. It also celebrated as my 1st year of marriage. 2010 was pretty much a challenging year, it was filled with things that occupied me personally and professionally. This was the major reason of this journal’s neglectful state.

The Attack of Short Span Attention

The other reason of ‘abandoning’ this journal was for most of the time, I found 140 characters or some photos were enough for me to share my thought & opinion about something. In the age of short span attention, writing (and reading) more than a couple of paragraphs slowly become a lost art.

But at the end of the day, I am a story teller. I told stories based on my experience and I love to share those stories in an eloquent writing. I am not a fan of the short attention seeker method known as “KulTwit”[1]. I prefer writing a decently concise article even thought it probably took me forever to write it (FYI, this entry took more than a week to finish).

So expect less but longer stories here in the future. For occasional 140 characters banters, follow me on Twitter, we will have much fun there.

Evolution Happened, Really

It happened here too, within this journal. Two major things happened:

1. Movable Type to WordPress

First, the change from Movable Type to WordPress. Yes, I was a staunch user (and defender) of Movable Type but as time passed, I found WordPress to be matured enough and has strong (not to mention fanatic) support right now. So, when WordPress 3.0 came out, I decided it was the right time to move to WordPress. It wasn’t as easy as I want it to be but with some tweaks here and there, I finally pull it off. The content import process from Movablet Type to WordPress was not perfect (the classic problem was “from ‘_’ to ‘-‘), you might notice a bit of article’s artefact, cut down entries, 404 errors, weird notation and more; here and there – mostly old articles, but in general the process went quite painless.

After some tries to create new design, I postponed it and decided to make a child theme for now. I found an excellent existing theme called Oulipo designed by pnts suited my needs and modified it. For now it is enough for my needs. For now.

2. From “home” to “journal”

I could not even remember why I picked “home” as subdomain name for this journal. So, long overdue, I change the subdomain to a more appropriate name “journal”, from now on the official address is The nice thing about technology is, for those who still used or accessed the old address, you don’t even have to do anything, I did my best to take care of that issue. With the magic of .htaccess[2] to redirect things around, most of those old links would magically transformed itself into new links. Some probably would still fail, just let me know, I’ll fix it ASAP.


What’s next then?

Plenty of things. Those will have to wait for another post. And if it takes a while for another post… find me on Twitter 😉

  1. “Kultwit” stands for “Kuliah Twitter” aka. “Twitter Lecture”. It is a tweet method commonly used by Indonesian Twitter ‘celebrities’. The practice is basically splitting a long entry (or what they so profoundly called ‘lecture’ hence the name) into multiple tweets – sometime accompanied by ordered number list. The irony is most of the time the “KulTwit” is so long, it actually save time (and not to mention easier to read) to write a blog entry instead. This phenomenon is uniquely Indonesian, CMIIW. ↩︎

  2. .htaccess is a magical being on the level of unicorn… if you read this and believe it then you need to get out more 😉. Here’s a wikipedia article about .htaccess. ↩︎