I am following the herd, some people tagged or asked me to do this, so I comply. Here they are:

  1. I’d been living in 4 countries until now; Indonesia (most of the time), Germany, Canada and United States (currently) and visited more than a dozen countries.
  2. I hold a bachelor in Architecture but never worked as an architect, I prefer architecture as a way of life not as a work for living.
  3. I used to smoke a lot, not anymore right now except for an occasionally collapse of good judgement.
  4. Despite used to be a heavy smoker, I never use drugs in my life and not planned to do so in my life time.
  5. I don’t care about races and sexual preferences, it doesn’t matter if you are black, white, yellow or even green and while I am a strictly straight guy, it doesn’t matter if you are straight, gay or bisexual. What matters is that you are a good person and act like one.
  6. I used to be very emotional but I think growing older make me more patience.
  7. I love to cook, while my cooking ability is about average I think I am improving every day.
  8. Movies, books, museums, galleries and live music hall were the things and places I spend my free time, mostly.
  9. As a digital person, I still keep my plan and notes using a paper notebook, Moleskine preferably.
  10. I care much with those who I consider as friends, sometimes too much to the point it annoyed them.
  11. I prefer walking and taking public transportation than driving but I love to drive as fast as I could if condition allowed.
  12. I always afraid of getting fat to the point of nearly an obsession.
  13. My passion lies in creating something useful for people to use, that’s why I am in user experience business.
  14. People think I am a perfectionist but I am not, I just want to be the best in everything I do.
  15. I prefer being a generalist than a specialist, specialization is for insect.
  16. I can be extremely cynical, it doesn’t happened so much, but when it happened, you will noticed.
  17. I am starting to develop a fashion sense awareness, used to not care about how I dressed but now I put some thought when I am dressing.
  18. I have a really bad set of teeth, been thinking to fix them up but it will cost me a fortune, but I’ll do it anyway soon.
  19. I used to think life was suck but now I think life is as good as I want it to be.
  20. I love pets but I am allergic to the hair… Bummer. I also allergic to dust so I prefer clean places.
  21. I can play any kind musical instruments except bowing and blowing instruments.
  22. I am an Apple geek; currently owned a white Macbook, a white iPhone and silver iPod nano, but currently using ASP.NET and Microsoft Visual Studio 2008 for work.
  23. I owned avianto.com since 1998 and planned to keep it for the rest of my life.
  24. I am stubborn but always open to a reasonable argument and with decent delivery.
  25. While I am enjoy being online, there always be a day or two in a month I prefer to be disconnected. Talking about taking the time out.

Well, I did it. Hope you know me better now.