Finally, using my own design again for this journal. Actually, I’ve been working with this design since around 4-5 months ago and didn’t had time to finish it. Some bugs are still lingering around, let me know if you found them.

Rusting Red

I named this layout “Rusting Red”. This layout relied heavily on Blueprint CSS Framework, which is a great CSS framework – safe me hours of tweaking.

Some new features here:

  1. Adding Twitter, flickr and widget on the right sidebar.
  2. Search now performed using Google Search.
  3. No more CAPTCHA, using “Preview before Submit” method now.
  4. Thanks to Blueprint, hopefully this layout is easier to read than the default template.

Of course, nothing is perfect, there are some things unfinished yet:

  1. The Colophon and Contact sections are unfinished. This will be the first priority.
  2. The Blogroll (Links to other blogs – yes, it’ll back) still not finished too.
  3. Some bugs probably still laying around.

    Well, I hope this new layout will make this journal easier to read and pleasing to the eyes. Enjoy.