Sorry for the long absence, I just took my sabbatical time off from computer and internet, well, not entirely but I just tried to get away from technology for a while and of course still busy with life, Ramadhan and Ied.

Happy Ied

For those who celebrated Ied, Happy Ied, may this year Ramadhan be a blessing and hopefully we all came out as a better person than before. Let us learned from our mistakes and do our best in the next year to come. Bless you all.

Ied’s SMS

Starting a couple of years ago, since cell phone became a standard gadget for almost anyone, the tradition of sending Ied’s greeting card rapidly became diminished and replaced by Ied’s greeting SMS (or mostly known as phone text message in the US and Europe) – technology won, eh? It was quite a shame, since I used to be a card collector, but economically speaking sending SMS is probably cheaper and saving time. I am not quite fond of sending Ied’s SMS myself with my own various reasons, one of them is I rather meet in people in person to say the greeting and if I didn’t had the chance to meet them this year then hopefully next year (such an optimist point of view, isn’t it?). I rather look the person in the eyes when saying the greetings and asked for a humble apologize, but that just me.

The Best of the Rest

From hundreds SMS I received this year (yes, hundreds – I was quite impressed myself), most of them are template-based. In fact I’d read the same about 20-30 SMS from different people. Well, that’s another thing about Ied’s SMS is sometime it was never personal. Of course there are exceptions and I would love to write about the best three SMS I received this year. I know this three people personally and for me, their SMS are truly the expression of their characters. So, without further ado, here they are – in verbatim copies (spelling and wording):

From Iyay:

Bosan dgn templet sms lbrn gitu2 doang!jd nda perlu so2 sopan ya smsny.maafin saya ya.klo salahku kurang bnyak.taun dpan saya bnyakin deh spaya pahala klian memaafkn stiap salahku smakin bsr..slmat lebran sodara!huehuehue (Translation: Bored with the same Ied’s sms templates! So, don’t need to brag politeness. Forgive me, OK. If my mistakes are not many, next year I will add more so your blessing will be bigger too. Happy Ied, brother!)

From Abiwara:

Ketik Abi [spasi] lebaran Kirim ke 0813xxxxxxxx Anda akan mendapat ucapan selamat lebaran dari Abi. Apabila tidak maka Abis sedang tidur atau habis pulsa. (Translation: Type Abi [space] lebaran Send to 0813xxxxxxxx You will receive Ied’s greeting from Abi. If not then Abi is sleeping or doesn’t have enough phone credits.)

From Harry Sufehmi, the ultimate geek! This SMS was probably not everybody cup of tea (it’s so geeky and techie oriented) but for me this one was the best Ied’s SMS I received this year. I laugh my head off when I read this one. He wrote about it too in his blog and received more geeky replies too. Nice one, Har!

/puasa # make clean 
/puasa # configure --prefix=/IdulFitri/TheNewBeginning/
/puasa # reboot

Taqobbalallaahu minna wa minkum

So there they are, three best Ied’s SMS I received this year. Good to know there were still creativity and personality in this generic influenced world. Happy Ied everyone!