The same date, 5 years ago, I wrote my first journal entry on this small website. It was starting as an effort to keep my personal website regularly updated and to create an occasional escape hatch during my bachelor’s final project months.

With that humble start, this journal was growing into something that I wasn’t even realized before. I use this journal mostly to dump my thought, opinion or everything else, a junkyard for the mind.

To my amazement, this place give me more than just a brain dump, it introduced me with some interesting people, it put me as one of the longest Indonesian blogger, who write in English, it gave me numerous jobs and freelancing opportunities and also it serve me as the archive of my life during the previous 5 years.

So I guess, I deserve yet another break. With my current unfortunate situation is kinda hard to write or even to think about something interesting. Yes, I know I said that I will be all right, but it just too hard to bear that I don’t think I will be able to maintain clear mind long enough to write something worth reading. I will not write about my frustration, depression and desperate situation anymore as the more I wrote about them, the more I become depressed, but I also couldn’t write about… well, anything else. So I decide this is the right time to call it quit for some unknown timeframe.

It was an amazing experience and for me, the value of the experience is priceless. I thank you all of my regular reader and sorry for not be able to continue writing. All of the archives are left intact so there will be no missing link in case someone found my entry was interesting enough and linked them.

So farewell. It’s been a pleasure. Until we meet again. Avianto’s out.