I never considered myself as a “lucky person”. Of course, I believe that luck plays important factor in life but for me, it probably SEP. I am not complaining here but it seems like some people recognized my hard work as a chain events of compiled luck. I wish that was true but no, it never work that way with me.

I am becoming what I am now is nevertheless a compilation of smart work. Luck probably plays some part on it but it never become a major element. People tend to measure by the result but they usually never try to look at the process. Take my personal experience as an example, do you think I could be here and acquired my Master degree just because I am lucky? It is irritating everytime I hear someone said “You are lucky to be abroad and earn a Master degree” because it seems like all of my smart works are reducing to a simple “luck”.

Smart work. I have to emphasize on that. Smart work is a combination between hard work and strategically correct work.

Really, I would not be able to study abroad if I was not fighting for it. I am a strong believer of “you could do everything, if only you believe and work smart”. Of course, if you are a religious type, praying helps, especially in the “meta” level because it keep your spirit alive.


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