I will be moving to Berlin tomorrow afternoon. Not because I’ve got a job there, not because I am bored with Lübeck but because I am simply broke.

I am still looking for a job now (Here’s my resume in case you or somebody you know interested on hiring me.), so I don’t have regular income. I am practically supporting myself by doing some freelance works, not much but sufficient enough to maintain my survival for a couple of months. But it will be painful if I have to pay rent also. So with the courtesy of my best friend in Berlin, I could stay at his place and just share the basic living cost. Thanks Bud!

So yeah, I am off to Berlin, moving to another new phase of life. It will be amazing.

Note: I don’t know about the internet situation there, so I might be ‘disconnected’ for a couple of days or weeks. My cellphone still work tho, so I am not totally disconnected.