####Thesis defence

I will have my defence on June 17th, 2005. So my thesis should be printed, bound and delivered around early June. That means around two weeks from now. Yikes.

####Kompas issue

It seems that this particular issue created a turbulent among blogger and other online communities like mailing list. Kompas was acting childish. That is my opinion. I probably will write about this later, time allowed.


This one is still related to the previous issue. It seems that there are some people really against blogs and bloggers, but still waste their time to leave flame bait comments — go figure. I have no grudge against them as I always said that blogging is always about choice and if someone doesn’t like your choice then so be it, you can’t make everybody happy, can you?


Again related to the previous issue. A person, who remains to be anonymous, said that “podcast” is nothing but an MP3 file. Err… no, in fact podcast doesn’t has to be audio. It could be anything, including pictures or videos. And to say that “podcast” is “just” an audio file really put you into a clueless, even ignorant, person. The different between podcast and “an audio file” is the method of delivery. Podcast is using RSS feed as a method of delivery and it is using a podcatcher software to automatically grab the file. While most podcaster websites still have direct link to their podcasting file, they do it just for the matter of convenience for those who doesn’t use a podcatcher software. Dude, you were shooting the street lamp and then boasted that you were shooting the moon with that argument.

There you go. Some of my recap of the previous weeks. Lots of things are happening here and there. It would be an interesting thing to watch where the Kompas situation will turn and for those who are against blogs and bloggers, why don’t you just stop bothering yourself by leaving flammatory comments — or trolling? Do something else better, well, you DO have something else better to do, right?

Will be back on my regularly, yeah right, writing schedule after I am done with my thesis. Later.