It’s been almost two weeks since the last official birthday announcement of mine ;). Been busy with lots of stuff, something what I usually called “Real Life™”. Here are some recap, in case you want to know, well… even if you don’t want to know, I’ll write it anyway.

####Thesis’ News

Not much. Just finished writing three of my supposed to be five chapters. Those two missing chapters are “Introduction” and “Conclusion”. Yeah, I know it’s kinda strange to work from the middle (I was starting with chapter III) but it worked, at least for me. So yeah, the ‘soft’ dateline will be sometime mid-May. Wish me luck on that.

####New Apartment

So I found a new place, finally. It’s a nice medium-size single room apartment, around 35m², with a nice small kitchen and medium size bathroom (shower only, no bathtub, unfortunately). The only catch was it has no furnitures and fridge… Right now, I am collecting used furniture and still looking for a fridge. But at least, it is my own place and I am quite happy with it. Oh yeah, it had a small balcony too.


Looks like I inspire some people to create their own podcasting. No, I am not taking any credits, I am just glad some (Indonesian) people really give podcasting a shot. Here they are (for now):

And of course my own Podcast at “Apa Saja Podcast! is still alive and well. Some interesting subjects are on the way, keep on tuning.

####Everything else

Not much, really. Writing thesis, filling up the new place, writing blog and create some interesting podcasts are the things that I do currently. And of course some occasionally mailing list activity. Keep on living!.