You know that I always “preaching” about Netiquette in every opportunies. It is not that Netiquitte is THAT important but let see, it is more like “I rub your back, you rub mine” kind of thing. It just make your net-life easier, manageable and organizable. In the end it is just a piece of advice to make your net-life better, it’s not for me, it’s for your own good.

Netiquette used to be a thing that valued highly in the net-based community. That’s how we paid respect to each other. But I guess it was old and dying “rule” now. New net-generation doesn’t need that kind of rule. They are know things better now. They did. Or so they thought. You know what happened if you advise people to use netiquette nowadays? You’ll get this one:

Hey Boy you goody goody two shoes! Shut yer trap and stop squealing like a self righteous sissy! This ain’t no netetiquette mailing list! any more comments and i think you should do it through personal channels, is that ok with you Mr oh-so-Intelegent and done-everything-right by-its-etiquette ? Furthermore, i think none of us need a lesson of netiquette from you. GET A LIFE..

So Netiquette only applicable in the netiquette mailing list. Hmm, that’s like saying “Be a good man only when you are praying… after praying it is OK to punch people around”#[1].

And about “Get a life” part, well, this IS my life =D. My life is revolved around making the net-experience better. That’s why I am a web standards evangelist, that’s why I am insisting on netiquette, that’s why I am taking “User Interface” as my major thing and all of that things. It is because I care for the USERS and that means YOU.

This is not the first time I get this kind of respond. So I think the user nowadays are really smart and don’t need any advices anymore. So should I stop my concern about the user? Afterall they are thinking they know better. Case opened. I am reporting, you will be the judge.

[1]: Credited to Amal