Just updated my academic-related website. Add some new material including my raw thesis outline. Critics, comment, question, input are welcome.


The distinction between digital architecture, virtual architecture and physical architecture is also become less and less visible while the understanding of space itself started to evolve into something that human civilization never seen before. The digital content creation gives the possibility of new exploration and innovation in the field of architecture. The advance of digital technologies to design combined with the advance of computer calculation based manufacture create another level of possibility for architecture.

For those who are interested in my study here in Germany, please do look at it. It has 3 different set of themes (You can choose them from the sidemenu under “Styles”) so please let me know which one is your favourite.

Been quite busy lately with the reading, I am much way behind in the reading section. OK, now I am going back to the couch while reading this book and this book.