I finished my research here in Canada, so even though this is a hard thing to do, I have to leave Canada. I have to finish my Master thesis back in Germany soon. S o o n.

I’ve only stay in Canada for 4 months but I kinda like it here. Other than the Canadian winter weather which is insanely cold and windy, I have nothing to complain. My research went very well, the place where I did my research was a really great place with lots of great talented people around, most of the people I’ve met are nice and friendly, sceneries are great, cities are beautiful especially Montréal, skating in the Rideau Canal was wicked experience and lots of nice things happening here. So really, I truly enjoyed being in Canada in general and Ottawa specifically.

I’m gonna miss this country… It may not the best place on the planet but it is one of the best in my personal note. I don’t know if I could come back here again but I definitely planned to come back. I love this place, it is an amazing place.

So I’ll be leaving Canada on Saturday afternoon from Montréal. So long Canada, hope to see you again!