Since the canal was closed and just reopened after noon, the “Blogs on Ice” event was cancelled, hopefully rescheduled, and we had the “Blogs on Bridgehead” instead.

Blogs on Bridgehead featured: Me, Lana, Robyn, Ben, Anatole, Lia and Emilie.

Except for Lana, I never meet any of them before and quoting from Lana: “but it is kind

of interesting to meet people and then read their blog for a change!”. Could not agree more. Nice meeting you all!

A couple of interesting quotes, not truly exact quotes tho – sorry if I misquoted but you get the idea, from the “event”:

  1. Run if you don’t want to slip when walking on icy pathway. Running make your feet have less contact to the icy ground so the chance of slip and fall is also reduced. -Emilie
  1. Type “” and search the meaning of a word while you have a dictionary beside you is a current trend. -Robyn

  2. Ikea is a part of Sweden’s conspiracy to rule the world. -I don’t remember who started this