Today is a dream come true for most Apple/Mac enthusiasts who couldn’t afford to own any Apple products because of the high price. Affordable Mac and iPod!

Steve Jobs just announced 3 Apple products:

  • Mac mini, a stripped down lower cost Mac. Go get it if you want to own a Mac but always complained about the price. Now it’s the time to own a Mac!

  • iPod Shuffle, don’t have enough money to buy an iPod mini? Get iPod Shuffle instead! Available with two flavors: 512MB and 1GB.

  • iWork. Say goodbye to crappy Microsoft Office. ’nuff said!

Yes! Finally.

Note: I am not getting any payment from Apple by writing this entry. I am just as excited as any Apple geeks out there. I would get rich if Apple paid me to do their advertising. At least I know more than 10 people that bought Apple products because of my… ehm, persuasion