There are movies that have great plots and storylines but the acting are terrible and there are movies that have absurd plots and storylines but the acting are amazing. This movie is the second kind.

Ocean’s Twelve is the sequel of Ocean’s Eleven and still following its tradition by casting a lot of A-list actors and actresses. With that this sequel almost got everything, it also have great camera work, great scenery, funny and witty lines, smart jokes and lots of fun moments. But the plot is well, let me put it this way, the plot has a nice twist and surprising moment but that’s it.

Recommended movie? Absolutely if you a fan of Ocean’s Eleven. Even if you are not but you want to see how good acting can influence the whole experience of watching a movie, this movie is still a recommendation. For people who love intricate and smart plot, avoid this one because it will make you bitchin’ about waste of talents.

Anyway, there are lots of jokes in this movie that reference to other movie the actors/actresses had been starred. So if you watch this movie, try to catch that kind of moments because they are hilarious.

Overall, this movie provide a good laugh and good entertainment. There was one particular joke that make me laughed so hard and for that moment only, I think it was worth my admission ticket.